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Our Vision

At Arete Financial Solutions, we have your “Complete Financial Wellbeing” in mind. We strive to deliver high-quality services for all your financial needs in one convenient location. We offer a complete suite of financial services including accounting, tax, business law, trusts and estate planning, and financial planning. From business formations, bookkeeping for your business, personal and business tax returns, wills and trusts to ensure your property passes according to your desires, and financial advice on how to keep and grow your hard-earned money, Arete is with you every step of the way.



Arete Financial Solutions is devoted to the “Arete” way of life: “Striving for excellence!” This principle carries through every aspect of our business operations, directs each client interaction, and drives our support of business, industry and philanthropy in the communities where we work and live. We enable individuals, families and businesses to achieve “Complete Financial Wellbeing,” empowering them to reach their full potential and live their best lives.

What our new clients can expect:

As a new business client we listen to your goals and review the status of your business needs. You will then be assigned a comprehensive team of professionals to help you reach your financial and business objectives. You will be provided a tax pro, an accounting pro, a legal pro and wealth management pro. We believe by having all your advisors working together under one roof will offer you, our client, with the highest level of efficiency, customer service and success in achieving the complete financial wellbeing you deserve. Regular business reviews are provided at no extra charge to all our business clients regardless of your business size, whether you’re a solopreneur or own a large company or anything in between. You will also have the ability to reach any of your advisors as our team is committed to creating and executing a plan that is best for your circumstance in the fluid, ever-changing landscape of owning a business. At Arete Financial Solutions we take great pride in helping our clients’ meet and exceed their financial goals. When you work with Arete, you can expect excellence from our team and our results.


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Tax services for individuals and business owners. Whether you’re confused on how best to take advantage of deductions

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Accounting for commercial entities, including large corporations, small businesses and contractors.



Legal services related to financial matters for business partners, business owners, families and individuals

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Financial Planning

Financial planning for families, business owners and individuals. Arete’s financial planning division is here to help


Stephanie Ware is the best

I have been a client for many years.  She is professional, exquisitely organized and tremendously congenial.  Stephanie goes above and beyond. Why? Because she cares! I heartily recommend her to all my friends and business connections.

- Carol Fuccillo

I have been working with Mary and her team since I started my business in 2017

I recommend all my friends and family to her because of my truly personal experience. My business has grown with them by my side, and I am thankful for that every day. They run my payroll, take care of all my quarterly filings, tax filings and bookkeeping, which keeps my business on track.

Zach Tillia

I’ve been using Arete Financial Solutions now for the last 3 consecutive years

I will ONLY ever use them moving forward to handle all my tax returns and accounting matters, as they are truly the best in town! They communicate every step of the way and do all they can to ensure a smooth and accurate process is followed each and every year. Jessie M., specifically, has been… Read more “I’ve been using Arete Financial Solutions now for the last 3 consecutive years”

Jason Davidson

I have been a client of Arete Financial Solutions for the past five years

I have never met a more professional group of people. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about accounting and bookkeeping procedures, everyone on the team actually has a great
personality! The office environment is warm and friendly. You know you can trust them from the moment you walk in!

Rob Lamb

I have been coming to Mary for years now and I won’t see any other tax preparer

She offers a unique and personable service that I have not seen anywhere else.

Seth Howell

Seven years ago my wife and I were tasked as trustees to manage the complicated tax issues related to my deceased brother’s children’s trust

As is the case with most people, we were completely unprepared to fulfill this obligation. We chose the tax experts at Arete Financial Solutions to provide expert advice and guidance. Establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with Arete is something we are very proud to share. Over the years, Arete has consistently provided accurate U.S. income… Read more “Seven years ago my wife and I were tasked as trustees to manage the complicated tax issues related to my deceased brother’s children’s trust”

James Shackel

I highly recommend Bervolynn with Arete

I work in the real estate industry, and she is always available for my evolving questions and solutions. When my business grew at a fast pace, Bervolynn helped me set up my PLLC which saved me a TON of money on our quarterly filings, and she runs my books, keeping me organized throughout the year.… Read more “I highly recommend Bervolynn with Arete”

Christa Miranda

*Due to local and national rules and regulations, no client testimonials are provided regarding Arete Financial Solutions’ investment related services provided as a Registered Investment Advisor


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